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Empowerment and Education

The situation

The right to Quality Education is a basic human right. However,the high poverty rate in Uganda robs 1 out 5 children of this opportunity. The rampant increase in the number of primary school drops has significantly affected the number of children below 12 years living on the streets. The street lifestyle comes with its own share of mishaps such as the children indulging in crime and violence.

Our response

ASHWA rescues children from the streets and supports them to access quality education and empowerment through 2 initiatives;

1. Street 2 School Project

Through our partnerships with other stakeholders and the district local government, we are able to enroll children that have been living on the street in school using a 3 step process;

Working with our community structures, we rescue kids from the streets and put them under our care. We engage their care givers on positive parenting practices and empower them to start income generating activities within their households.

We spend time with the children to restore them to normal life through several therapy and counseling sessions.

Reunite and Enroll
ASHWA reunites the children to their parents and caregivers and makes sure that they are supported. We equally enroll children in schools and help them access quality education.

2. Street 2 Work

The Street to Work is an empowerment initiative which rescues adolescents and youths from the street and attach them to enterprises. This is offered to children that have been rescued and don’t want to go back to school.

ASHWA places them under a 6 months mentorship program in any enterprise of their choice.

ASHWA skills the youth in the communities that we serve in entrepreneurial disciplines like liquid soap making, candles, baking,tailoring and small enterprise management