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Discussing and harmonizing SRHR advocacy priorities

On Tuesday, the 26th January 2022, ASHWA, together with the other CSOs under the #WeLeadOurSRHR program were pleased to have a breakfast meeting with members of @upfya_org and @NYCofUganda with the main objective of discussing and harmonizing SRHR advocacy priorities.

Mr Jackson Chekweko, ED @RHUganda and @SRHRAllianceUg Board Member noted that critical policies affecting young people have stagnated for years yet the youth are the majority & that sexuality education is on hold at a time when we are leading in teenage pregnancies in the region

On the issue of Information among youths, Hon @PNyamutoro, the National Female Youth MP asked that we keep engaging the @upfya_org with information and reports because good quality information is the first step to advocacy.

“Let’s utilize the already existing powerful @NYCofUganda and have meetings with districts leaders on zonal level with a target to equip them with SRHR knowledge”

Hon. @PNyamutoro

Other priorities were; 1. To have discussions with the church about SRHR activities because religious leaders are very influential 2. To engage parents who force these teenage pregnant mothers into early marriages to find better ways of addressing the problem #WeLeadOurSRHR